Underground Artist Valerium Drops New Single With Slim Baby


Earlier this month (July 2020) Valerium dropped a brand new and exciting single called Can’t See Me featuring fellow artist Slim Baby. If you haven’t heard it yet, you’ve got to (click here to listen!), whether you’re a big rap and hip hop fan or just a casual listener. The track is dark and energetic, with unique vocals and a heavy trap pulse.

Trap music has recently become extremely popular due to its energy and intricate rhythms. Often characterized by its sparse use of instruments and atmospheric synthesizers, this is a genre that can also be identified by its multi-layered thin- or thick-textured monophonic drones.

The New Track: Can’t See Me

This brand new track opens with an audio clip of a woman speaking as part of a voicemail, a trend that has recently gained a lot of traction in the hip hop world. The very first line, “she told me that it’s mine but it’s all lies”, gives the listener an instant indication that this song will not be focusing on happiness or equal and requited love. We as the audience are immediately prepared to hear some mournful lyrics, but as soon as the beat comes in, the high energy delivery provides us with another facet of these talented artists.

The melody and lyrics of this track exude a youthful exuberance, giving the listener a repetitive yet memorable melody to hang on to. Can’t See Me is mysterious, broody and longing, yet also somehow cheeky and even carefree.

Paired with the typical underlying melancholy of such a track, this hypnotic new song features lacing of hyperpop beats, underneath which is a simple and catchy sample of a piano melody. Incorporating elements of hip-hop, crunk, house, and dub music, this track is the perfect example of why hip hip today juxtaposes opposite sentiments, to give a taste of the multifaceted artist behind the track. Unique and emotional yet aggressive and gangster, this track is full of really interesting dichotomies, all wrapped up within one track.

Who is Valerium?

The Louisiana native is an enigma both on the mic and on social media, (you can follow him on Instagram @valerium__) successfully maintaining a sense of mystery and excitement. It is clear that his brand leans into the darkness of his sound, echoing the already enticing sense of allusivity that comes with his aesthetic.

There is no doubt that the two artists worked hard for this release, and truly put all their talent together to create this emotionally raw and refreshing track. Can’t See Me is sure to be a big hit among fans of this new and creative genre of music. It’s extremely well produced, it’s clean, and it really gives the impression that young talent Valerium authentically enjoyed every moment of laying down these vocal tracks.

If you’re yet to hear this new track for yourself, click here to head over to SoundCloud to do so, or if you’re ready to hear more of what Valerium has to offer, click here to hear his other tracks.



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