Turning Your E-Commerce Business into a Profit Machine with Lukas Schirmer

Traditional marketing through print media like newspapers, magazines, and leaflets is long dead. Many startups and large enterprises are marketing their products and services online through digital platforms such as social media. However, many find it challenging to turn their views and engagement into sales. This is a problem that Lukas Schirmer seeks to solve through his digital marketing agency Twist & Schirm.

Although he is still young, Lukas has had an entrepreneurial spirit all his life. At 26 years old, he has become a successful entrepreneur. His digital marketing agency has gained traction and is on an upward trajectory in revenue and clients. As of this writing, Lukas, the CEO, stated that the agency has a yearly 8-figure advertising budget under management and generated many 8-figures more in revenue for their clients. Twist & Schirm has worked with hundreds of clients and even S&P Global 1200 companies. But who is the brains behind this successful agency?

The success of Twist & Schirm is attributed to Lukas and the team spirit he has built among his employees. Lukas graduated from university at the top of his class with a degree in theoretical mathematics. Apart from books, Lukas enjoys photography and design. Additionally, Lukas has been involved in volunteering with his local community and church all his life. He has organized fundraisers in Dubai to help breast cancer and diabetes patients. He also spent 9 years working voluntarily at his local church.

Lukas has a history of success and always pushes himself to do more. He was as good at academics as he was outside the classroom. He was even awarded two of the most prestigious scholarships in Germany. The first was from the Foundation of German Business, where only 1,500 students are selected yearly out of the pool of 3 million students in Germany. His second scholarship was local to Munich but equally elite recognition. The scholarship is called Think Digital, a digital scholarship for visionaries and lateral thinkers. The organizers only choose 20 people per year from 140,000 students within Munich based on merit.

Another contributing factor to Lukas’ success is his love for digital marketing. To survive in the marketing industry, he needed an edge over his competitors, and he had it through experience, skill, and hard work. Digital marketing remains an open niche with no barriers to entry. As a result, many people are starting marketing agencies with little to no experience. This group has brought many negatives to the industry, giving many clients terrible services. Fortunately, Lukas handled that by hiring top talents from Google Ads and Meta Ads.

Unfortunately, hiring experienced people means being a boss to people well above your age, which is just another challenge that Lukas had to overcome. Micromanaging his team was never an option for him. Lukas relied on an accountability system, which ensured every team member remained focused, additionally giving his team beyond usual responsibility & freedom.

As an experienced digital marketer with 10 years experience, Lukas advises small businesses to prioritize marketing to get maximum output. He also says to remain focused on your targets and take a step back to observe changes in the industry and adjust accordingly. But to many, Lukas is a great entrepreneur with a vision to achieve many things. He inspires many aspiring entrepreneurs and is the go-to digital marketer in Germany for e-commerce businesses that want to generate revenue through digital ads.

Social Media Marketing agent with 6 years of sales experience. I work really hard to get my clients the best representation to further their businesses.

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Amir Bakain

Social Media Marketing agent with 6 years of sales experience. I work really hard to get my clients the best representation to further their businesses.