Thierry Szymanski From Epicureans Of Florida On How To Get Michelin Star Fine Dining At Home

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2 min readSep 17, 2021

Epicureans Of Florida is a catering company in South Florida owned and managed by restauranteur Thierry Szymanski, who recently brought his passion for fine dining to the US. Originally from the mountainous Mediterranean island of Corsica in France, Thierry developed an entrepreneurial spirit early in life, lending to international expertise running businesses in France, London and Dubai. He, alongside a team of some of the best chefs in town, has turned Epicureans Of Florida into a household name in private catering services.

With Thierry Szymanski at the helm, Epicureans Of Florida has brought people together through fine dining renowned cuisine, giving every customer a heavenly experience with every bite. The catering services specialize in Italian and French fine cuisine, and its world-class chefs know what their customers need and crave. These private chefs bring not only delightful menus to the table but also experiences in working with the best restaurants around the world.

With a vast experience in hospitality, Thierry Szymanski understand that “attention to detail is key” therefore he, not only has a team of private chefs but also servers, hostesses, mixologists… that he picks very meticulously. His team is composed of excellent and passionate individuals coming from different cultures and backgrounds.

Authentic French and Italian cuisines are the heart and soul of Epicureans Of Florida. The brand firmly believes in the idea of quality over quantity, so the management and their chefs don’t provide extensive menus. Instead, they create fewer dishes but prepare them to absolute perfection, using only the best available ingredients in season and world-class techniques in cooking.

Epicureans Of Florida follows a specific process to ensure quality service. First, they establish clear communication with you by asking a few questions and also addressing some of your concerns. Then, based on the likes, dislikes, and preferences, they propose a menu with complete details.

With Epicureans Of Florida you won’t have to lift a finger, they even take care of the food shopping for you. The chefs and crew arrive two to three hours before the event, so they can prepare all dishes from scratch from only the freshest ingredients. The team ensures you get the epitome of fine dining. This happens in the comfort of your home, yacht, or private jet; with the chef himself sometimes doing the serving.

Epicureans Of Florida’s team complete the clean-up themselves before leaving your property. They wash the dishes and sanitize your kitchen.

Whether you’re looking to have a romantic dinner, a birthday party, a day at sea, an anniversary to remember or Bachelorette dinner party make sure to connect with them on their website, phone number (305) 240–2256 or social media.



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