“There Is No Job That Is Too Big” Meet Florida’s Dream Collab Team Massey Roofing Services

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Collaboration is vital to achieving ultimate success. For veteran-owned and operated Massey Roofing Services, one of Florida’s A-team roofing contractors, helping homeowners and property managers stay safe is a priority when facing Mother nature’s dark side. Not only does the team work with customers’ insurance carriers, but offers labor to other licensed contractors in the area — ensuring that everyone gets their roof done the right way.

For a leader to succeed, they must be able to hire the right people for their team. While leaders are told to hire the people deemed qualified, often, at times, they have never been taught how. The result of this is vast inefficiencies and disruption to the organization.

For contractors looking for driven, dedicated, skilled labor in Florida, for example, it is challenging. But when it comes to sourcing your best go-to savior for the job, collaborating and communicating with businesses that flourish in the roofing industry due to their loyal family-driven core values is the key.

“How we handle labor is a lot different than everybody else,” shares Massey Roofing Services. “Not only do we have a one-stop shop for roofing, but we also offer labor for dozens of other contractors in Florida. Only a few labor companies out there provide the type of volume of work we do.”

With decades of construction and roofing experience, no job is too big for the licensed veteran-owned and operated business. Founded by Chase Massey in 2017, his once one-person operation soon scaled when he reunited with his life-long friend Zachary Buchanan.

“I have known Zach my whole life,” Massey smiles. “We played Junior High football together in Orange Park, Florida. Our friendship faded when he went to serve in the military for the special forces, fighting in Afghanistan. But then, by chance, we met again, and by the end of 2021, I knew we had to start working together.”

Fast forward to 2023, having tapped an untapped business model, owners Massey and Buchanan have built a team of over 150 employees at Massey Roofing Services, who complete up to a staggering 50 roofs weekly.

“After building our sales side, handling our volume has become super efficient. We’re never like, ‘Oh, no, we can’t do that job this week because we don’t have the guys to do it’ — that’s not the case with us,” says Massey proudly. “If anything, we can grow even further.”

Massey Roofing Services has built local networks in over 10 Floridian cities, including Lake City, Palm Coast, Palatka, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Lakeside, Gainesville, Fernandina Beach, Saint Augustine, Atlantic Beach, Palm Valley, Orlando, Daytona, and Tampa.

Thanks to their solid networks forged by decades of generational experience and passion for serving, it’s easy to see why so many people flock to them for work. They are a team of people who optimally supply the very best.

Their constant goal is for Massey Roofing Services to be excited by the extraordinary opportunities they present, giving them new life chapters to innovate, teach, and thrive. For them, it’s not enough to meet expectations; they strive to deliver a service that consistently exceeds what’s expected.

“There are so many good people out there. They just don’t know that subcontractors like us exist,” explains Buchanan. “We have crews that call us every single week that need work. We carry the worker’s comp. Our guys are OSHA 30 certified. We even remove so much liability from these guys that they don’t have to worry about the operation side.”

He continues, “With us, there’s a ton of work for everybody. Nobody steps on each other’s toes. And we’re relieving so much stress off of them.”

By locating a diverse range of hard-to-find, long-term talent, the company’s heavy focus on quality labor allows for a “detail-oriented, meticulous approach to every single job” they do.

This, in return, encourages and prompts the roofing industry, and the wider construction sector, to offer high-quality working experiences to enable both the employee and employer to grow internally and externally.

“Our team is constantly growing and growing fast! In the next 3–5 years, I see us being in multiple states offering the same excellence we offer in Florida,” says Massey. “We will also install the newest products, like GAF Solar Shingles!”

Besides going solar, the team utilizes top materials from shingles, metal, tile, slate, and wood shake, to commercial EPDM, TPO, and more. These cover their roof repair, replacement, or installation services for a residential home or commercial business building.

“We’re also a preferred vendor with GAF,” explains Buchanan. “They offer an extravagant 50-year manufacturer warranty and a 10-year workmanship warranty. Even if we went out of business tomorrow, the customer is still covered through GAF.”

With success after success, Massey Roofing Services speaks volumes for building a robust working community of people who are devoted to serving others before, during, and after Florida’s weather whirls.

Described as a “team that never sleeps,” the family bond that frames their large team is a prime example of why businesses want to work with someone like Massey Roofing Service. They are always “there when you need them.”

For more information on connecting with Massey Roofing Services to gain quick quality labor, or for details on any residential and commercial roofing needs, visit their website here https://masseyroofingfl.com/.



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