The Gel Blaster SURGE Is the Top Outdoor Toy for 2022

In a world full of diverse gadgets and toys, it is easy to create an illusion of busyness. Everywhere you turn, you will find a different family member doing a different activity. If you are not creative, that can impede real family time and bonding. That’s the realization that led Colin Guinn to create the Gel Buster SURGE outdoor toy, and now he is happy he did so.

For Colin and his family, finding a family-friendly game they could all play together was challenging. For one, his kids are at different stages of development. Colin thinks his eldest is too cool for foam darts, which his younger, who isn’t quite ready for the sting of beefier weapons, prefers. Often, that would leave him and his partner playing referee and not playing.

The other challenge with most toys was cleaning. According to Colin, airsoft and paintball are fun games, but they also require more work. Because of the family’s busy schedules, the prerequisite set-up, planning, clean-up, and heavy protective gear needed to play didn’t quite fit. Foam dart toys also require proprietary darts, organized clean-up and storage, and lots of batteries. All that would normally find its way into the donation box as soon as the family lost all the ammo. Plus, the family dog would always try to eat all the rogue darts.

For Colin, a serial entrepreneur and high-tech product development expert, creating something friendlier was the only option. As the founder of Guinn Partners, autonomous robotics and emerging technology consultancy, the concept was easy to visualize and develop. What he wanted was a solution that would allow the whole family to jump off the couch, run into the backyard and play a game together.

Colin and his life partner, Christie Woods, are lifelong advocates of personal growth. Over the 19 years the couple has been together, they have experienced a ton of adventure and several challenges. Long before the kids came, they always found a balance in each other that works well to date. Over the years, they’ve raced around the world twice as contestants on season 5 of CBS’s The Amazing Race in 2003, where they finished 2nd. The couple returned for the 31st season, where they emerged winners.

For a family as active as theirs, getting a toy that fed the competitive streak in all of them while allowing them to bond is a great win. The Gel Blaster SURGE’s customizable design makes it even more attractive. Everyone gets to choose their own unique color and accessories.

Unlike most games that require a million batteries in their lifetimes, the Gel Blaster SURGE toy comes with a rechargeable, long-lasting battery. You, therefore, get to enjoy an uninterrupted game for longer. However, the best feature may be its ability to shoot long distances. With the Gel Blaster, you can blast targets within a distance of 100+ feet. This makes the toy even more ideal for the outdoors.

If your family is as active, sneaky, and eager to do battle as Colin’s, this is the toy for you. Let it never be said that screens took away your options. Instead, use this advanced technology to engage your tribe in a fun way.

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