The Future of Advertising: Tychon’s AI Technology is Changing History

Amir Bakian
3 min readOct 24, 2023

Caption: Tychon Co-Founders (Left to Right) — Rawle, Kevin and Darwin

If you ask historians, advertising dates back thousands of years with notices created on cave walls. To quote Loretta Lynn, “We’ve come a long way baby” since then. From print media to digital, there has been an enormous evolution. With all the advancements, one has to wonder what could possibly be next?

Co-founders of Tychon, Kevin Blake-Thomas (CEO), Darwin Feveck (CTO), Rawle Annandsingh (CRO), wondered and quickly leveled up advertising in this vast digital landscape. In this reimagined version of advertising, they turn images into tailored shopping experiences that preserve the consumer experience. “We’re tapping into the future of advertising with AI-driven shoppable images that integrate products seamlessly into user-generated content.”

Advertisements consumers can appreciate

Imagine reading your favorite cooking or cycling blog. As you read it, you notice that the home cook uses a new type of balsamic vinegar, or the cyclist you are reading about has cool, lugged tires. With a touch of your finger, you can see exactly what the product is and a link to where you can get it.

Like all great entrepreneurs, the creators of Tychon sought a solution to a big problem for businesses. Kevin explains, “$0.40 on every dollar in digital advertising goes down the drain. There’s no ROI on that.” He adds, “Ad spend is wasted because of several different factors. The primary factor would be ad targeting. Accuracy has plummeted by 30% in a post ATT/IDFA world due to increased consumer privacy measures. The second element is that there’s a shift in consumer behavior… …and 82% of consumers are avoiding ads through various means.”

Authentic advertising

The concept of Tychon was born from a simple realization. “We recognized the immense potential within images — how they could initiate genuine dialogues between brands and consumers,” Kevin elaborates. “Considering the vast number of image-driven content consumed daily across various platforms, we’ve identified significant digital whitespace where brands could thrive authentically.”

Tychon’s technology helps businesses by analyzing and understanding their product inventory, leveraging AI to match those products with the niche creators with the right target audience — all while respecting and preserving the consumer’s digital experience, unlike traditional ads that often disrupt content viewing.

A proven track record

A Techstars portfolio company, Tychon embeds personalized, clickable, and shoppable products into images based on each person’s unique taste. There are no disruptive ads, just a seamless blend of authentic and relevant virtual product placements.

The innovators at Tychon are already seeing the fruits of their labor, showcasing the immense potential of their latest technology which is set to launch in just a few weeks.. “We have 800+ merchants already lined up for our Q4 2023 release,” Kevin shared. They’ve attained Shopify Partner status and a $120K investment from Techstars. “This demonstrates the potential of our solution.”

Their success comes without surprise. Their proven track record includes a prior tech startup that earned the prestigious United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) award as a Top Startup in 2018.. Unfortunately, COVID-19 hit right when it was taking off. But like many other successful entrepreneurs, they didn’t stay down for long, and now, they are making a huge comeback with Tychon.

Next: Shopify stores

The Tychon team has honed in on Shopify, a powerhouse in the e-commerce realm. “We’re set to empower Shopify stores, increasing their sales and unlocking fresh monetization avenues for content creators.” Kevin elaborates.

But their vision isn’t confined to images exclusively. Beyond reshaping influencer marketing, they set their sights on a grand stage — the Superbowl. “Our ultimate potential lies in broadcasting, especially in live streaming events that unite millions of individuals,” they foresee.

To learn more, visit the official Tychon website.



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