Shattering the Status Quo: How The Launchpad is Overhauling Traditional IT Lead Generation

Amir Bakian
5 min readJul 11, 2023

Traditional B2B technology lead generation practices need an overhaul.

Cold-calling in the age of technology is far outdated.

Also, vendors typically reach out to buyers to discuss one topic. So buyers must sort their way through multiple calls to determine which seller is the right one to meet their needs for a range of products and services.

The lead generation industry is in desperate need of a game-changer to disrupt the status quo and establish a new benchmark for the future of the industry. In response, The Launchpad has stepped in to reposition a stale approach and a growing marketplace.

Guiding The Launchpad is the evolution of the IT buyer, who is very different today than in the past. Millennials and Gen Z make up more than 60 percent of buyers; they hate cold calls; and they will eliminate vendors who rely on cold calls. The millennial and Gen Z IT buyer want self-serve options, digital channels and transparent pricing.

“The biggest pain that we hear from our technology clients is that, yeah, a lead showed up to the appointment, it went great, and then they went dark, they ghosted me,” said The Launchpad CEO Tonya Turrell. “So those leads are not converting. But we’ve flipped the model to service the IT buyer and what we’re finding is that vendors are converting at much higher rates. They’re closing deals because there’s a genuine need. It’s not ‘demand creation.’ It’s an authentic connection.”

This approach is validated by testimonials from technology partners and IT buyers who have experienced the transformative power of The Launchpad’s marketplace.

One technology partner raved, “The Launchpad’s marketplace is a unique way to connect with prospective customers, and 100% in line with the way they want to engage, so the engagements are better and more meaningful. And at this price point, it’s a no-brainer to participate because the investment is so low compared to other demand generation and marketing activities.”

IT buyers have also sung the praises of The Launchpad’s platform.

One buyer shared their experience, saying, “It’s often a challenging and time-consuming effort to research prospective technology vendors when undertaking a new initiative. The Launchpad has helped streamline the vetting process and put me in front of several innovative up-and-coming partners. With time as a valuable resource, I’m very pleased to have The Launchpad as a trusted platform to help me navigate the increasingly crowded space.”

Another satisfied IT buyer added, “The marketplace has been great. We’ve signed on new partners from it. We want to make sure what we use is the best, and a lot of times, The Launchpad matches us to better partners than we could find on our own — and they make it so simple, easy, and fast.”

Also validating The Launchpad approach of prioritizing the IT buyer over the vendor is a 2022 study by TrustRadius, which found that:

  • Virtually 100 percent of buyers want to self-serve part or all of the buying experience, up from 13% in 2021.
  • Buyers are using vendor sales reps less than ever before. Since 2021, vendor sales reps have dropped out of the top five most commonly-used resources for buyers.
  • Buyers named cold-calling as the number one reason they are less likely to buy a product from a vendor.
  • The vast majority of buyers (81%) want to find pricing information on their own.

When this study came out, Tonya said, “We had already been in design and development for over a year. We’ve been on the front lines of this and were already sensing the shift years ago.”

The Launchpad, which bootstrapped its operation to the tune of $1.5 million, works with 1,000+ unique technology vendors, with a community of 7,000 IT buyers and growing. Tonya and her team also leverage a database of nearly 1 million IT buyers in North America.

Relying on a customer-centric focus and personalized matchmaking on a platform whose design was inspired by dating sites, The Launchpad is filling a gap in lead generation.

“The ultimate vision is — I want to change the way technology is bought and sold,” Tonya said. “It’s time B2B technology lead generation moved into the 21st century. Our focus on the IT buyer is also important. It just makes sense — match them to the tech partners who can meet their needs and they will buy.”

As The Launchpad ramps up its service, it remains in a period of transition. The Launchpad is winding down its lead generation agency and moving to a SaaS platform connecting IT buyers and sellers.

For IT buyers, The Launchpad services include the ability to:

  • Streamline the research, identification and review of potential IT partners. Searches can be refined according to budget, geography, preferred payment structures and specific requirements. This eliminates the need to sift through irrelevant options and unwanted sales pitches. Buyers remain anonymous until they choose to engage an IT partner.
  • Access cutting-edge, emerging technologies that drive innovation.
  • Achieve seamless IT project completion, on time and within budget.
  • Gain access to a competitive marketplace.
  • Connect with vendors instantly through real-time chat. This allows for seamless communication and the acceleration of partnerships.

For technology providers, The Launchpad offers the ability to:

  • Cater to the modern IT buyer by modernizing lead generation efforts.
  • Provide an alternative to traditional lead generation, which doesn’t work anymore.
  • Be discovered by IT buyers as they search for tech solutions.
  • Secure more actionable leads and close more deals.

In a world where traditional B2B lead generation practices are falling short, The Launchpad is shattering the status quo and revolutionizing the industry. By recognizing the evolving needs of the IT buyer, The Launchpad has set a new benchmark for success.

With millennials and Gen Z dominating the market, cold-calling is a thing of the past. Instead, The Launchpad empowers IT buyers with self-serve options in digital channels, creating an authentic connection that drives real results.

With a customer-centric focus, The Launchpad fills the lead generation gap like no other. As they transition into their cutting-edge SaaS platform, The Launchpad is poised to transform the way technology is bought and sold in the 21st century.

“It’s time to embrace the future of lead generation with The Launchpad,” Tonya said, “and unleash the potential for unparalleled success in the digital age.”

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