Scottie Dunseath Is Bringing His Expert Style of Consulting to His Store, Wonderland

Amir Bakian
3 min readSep 8, 2021


Scottie Dunseath is a lifestyle entrepreneur and media personality with expertise in consultancy. He is the co-founder of Wonderland, a lifestyle boutique based in South Florida.

Scottie was born and raised in Syracuse, NY where he spent a large part of his childhood. From a young age, Scottie showed a great passion for TV and the media world. He was fascinated with everything about the industry and aspired to launch a career in the media industry one day. Scottie also showed great interest and passion for design & home decor, but this always came after his first love, TV and Media. Throughout his childhood, Scottie wanted to be a news anchor.

Scottie started his career in the retail world, where he worked for 13 years gaining tremendous experience. Since then, he has worked in various other sectors; he was the fashion correspondent for ABC, had a radio show in his hometown, Syracuse, NY and hosted various widely successful podcasts.

He decided to continue to chase his childhood dream. All his ventures kept driving him back to the lifestyle industry. It was then that Scottie decided to head to Fort Lauderdale, FL, to open up a lifestyle store that would be able to cater to anything from clothing to home décor.

Though he established Wonderland when the COVID pandemic was at its peak, he has managed to cope with the hard times and remain in business. Like most other businesses, his operations were greatly affected, but he learned to adjust to the times. He had to overcome back-ordered stock and communicate transparently with his clients to explain the business situation as it was. In return, what seemingly appeared to be a low season for business ended up being one of the best years in sales. Scottie managed to transform the hard times with positivity; which he now considers a huge driving factor to his business success.

To every other entrepreneur, Scottie advises that you learn to embrace every situation with positivity. More significantly, accept the fact that you may have to pivot and change your life and go with the flow. Life is a journey full of uncertainties, and so is the business world. The plans you make aren’t necessarily going to materialize according to your expectations. Be open to changes, as you can’t control everything. To Scottie, it’s wise sometimes to let the universe take control and go with the flow.

Scottie says that when one door closes, it does not mean the end of everything. It’s an opportunity to pivot to something else and explore your other abilities.

Scottie aspires to continue growing his business, Wonderland, in South Florida and in the online space. E-commerce is definitely taking over the business world as it’s time everyone adjusts to the fast-changing environment. His deep love and passion for the TV and Media space is still a dream he aspires to fulfill.

Connect with Scottie & check out his wonderful Wonderland boutique by visiting his Instagram, Facebook, & LinkedIn.



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