Sam Tejada and Corey Jacobs replacing Virtual Assistants (VAs) with the new go-to team, Global Operators (GOs)

Amir Bakian
2 min readSep 28, 2023

Sam Tejada, Founder & CEO of Liquivida, and Corey Jacobs, Founder of Winnergy and Liquivida’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, are doing away with the term “Virtual Assistants,” replacing it instead with “Global Operators” (GOs)

This change will foster a stronger team identity, recognize the value of their remote workers, attract qualified individuals, and align with the company’s vision of global growth and collaboration,

Tejada believes that the term “Virtual Assistant” doesn’t adequately appreciate the hard work and dedication of the individuals working remotely. He acknowledges that people from countries outside the US, working for Liquivida, as well as for other US-based companies, work equally as hard as their team members in the United States. As VAs are often the go-to individuals who help finalize projects and meet deadlines, Tejada feels there should be more significance and appreciation behind the terms used to address the team members.

“A good title makes people feel good about their role in a company. That doesn’t change just because you’re an individual working in another country,” he says.

Replacing VAs with GOs creates a more distinctive brand image for Liquivida and its remote workforce. For Tejada and Jacobs, the goal is to make the team members feel like they are part of something meaningful. By using the term “Global Operators,” they want to convey that these individuals are crucial contributors to Liquivida’s global operations. The term “Global Operators” aligns with their vision of building a strong, cohesive team that drives the company’s growth worldwide.

Tejada and Jacobs recognize that many of the Global Operators contracted by US-based companies are highly qualified individuals who are educated and have valuable business knowledge. Their reasons to work remotely are varied and personal, often involving ties to their home countries. Emphasizing the value of Global Operators in Liquivida’s global operations team, Sam and Corey aim to attract even more qualified individuals and create a greater sense of belonging within the team.

Jacobs brings a vast network of connections in the entertainment industry to his role in Liquivida. With the presence of influential and recognizable people, including artists and celebrities, he hopes to present GOs with exciting opportunities and make working as a global operator an attractive prospect.

The movement to the term Global Operators is the latest in Sam and Corey’s objectives to foster a sense of inclusion and belonging. As they strive to increase awareness and make preventative health and wellness more accessible to communities, they are creating exciting and enticing opportunities for Global Operators across the globe. Winnergy for all.



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