Revolutionizing Chinese Language Education: hihilulu Offers A Unique Pedagogical Approach

Amir Bakian
3 min readJul 5, 2023

Teaching Chinese as a foreign language presents numerous challenges for schools and educators worldwide. The complexities of the language, coupled with a lack of systematic approaches and resources, often hinder effective instruction. However, hihilulu, a pioneering Edtech company, is revolutionizing Chinese language education with its innovative dualism pedagogy, providing a solution that addresses these challenges head-on.

At the heart of hihilulu’s approach lies their dualism pedagogy, a groundbreaking method that delves deep into the root and logic of the Chinese language. Unlike traditional approaches that focus solely on content delivery, hihilulu’s methodology respects the pictographic nature of Chinese characters and splits pronunciation from the characters themselves. By emphasizing character-based learning and integrating audiovisual content, hihilulu creates an immersive and engaging environment for non-Chinese learners.

What sets hihilulu apart from its competitors is its unwavering commitment to methodology. While other platforms may offer similar content and features, hihilulu’s unique pedagogical approach provides a distinct advantage. By going back to the roots of the language, hihilulu unlocks the logic behind Chinese characters and simplifies the learning process. hihilulu’s Dualism Pedagogy and the Snowballing Method, created by Prof. Joel Bellassen, offers an array of benefits for non-Chinese learners.

The Snowballing Method of learning Chinese is a highly efficient and logical approach that maximizes visual and cognitive learning techniques. This method teaches a core set of 125 basic components or characters, each with a distinct meaning. Learners start by mastering these fundamental elements, which serve as building blocks for an extensive vocabulary.

Through the combination and composition of these characters, thousands of Chinese characters can be formed in a structured and logical manner. This methodology leverages the natural cognitive skills of children, who are inherently inclined to memorize visual information. By harnessing these developmental characteristics, the snowballing method presents a compelling way for non-Chinese individuals to learn Chinese effectively and efficiently.

This approach alleviates the feeling of being overwhelmed by the sheer number of characters to learn. Learners gain a deeper understanding of character meaning, pronunciation, and the interplay between components, resulting in a more efficient and effective learning experience.

Schools and educators who have implemented hihilulu’s methodology have witnessed remarkable outcomes. With access to a comprehensive system that provides transparency and data-driven insights, educators can better support their student’s language development. Students, in turn, demonstrate increased engagement and enthusiasm as the pedagogy leverages gamification and audiovisual content to make learning enjoyable. Testimonials from schools and users highlight the transformative impact hihilulu has had on Chinese language education.

The dualism pedagogy’s impact on students’ language acquisition is profound. Students develop a deeper understanding of the language’s structure by fostering a solid foundation rooted in character-based learning and logical progression. This enables them to build vocabulary more effectively and enhances their overall language proficiency. The immersive and gamified learning experience keeps students engaged, fostering a positive and lasting relationship with the Chinese language.

As an emerging market, hihilulu recognizes the potential for growth and anticipates future competition. However, its strong differentiation through its unique pedagogy positions hihilulu as a leader in the field. With plans to expand its educational program to more schools globally, hihilulu aims to establish itself as the go-to platform for Chinese language education. By continuing to innovate and adapt its methodology to diverse learning environments, hihilulu strives to make Chinese language acquisition accessible and enjoyable for learners worldwide. With their continued commitment to innovation and expansion, hihilulu is poised to shape the future of Chinese language education globally. To learn more, visit



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