One Of The Fastest Growing LeadGen and Appointment Setting Agencies — Founder Haissam Massoud

Amir Bakian
2 min readJan 2, 2023

One of the youngest and most successful digital marketers in today’s world of marketing evolution — Haissam Massoud the founder of Customers-Acquisition. Altho all the new technological development happening in the online marketing world that we’re witnessing since the last couple of years, only very few marketing agencies have been have been able to see the light and show other businesses the true potential of the right marketing

And Haissam was once asked about the key behind the success of his clients advertising campaigns and he said “ My super power in this life is the ability to identify and Hyper-Target the ideal client of a certain business and creating an offer & a marketing message that calls out and relates to the ideal client “

Hence why we’re talking today about Haissam Massoud and how he was able to build one of these leading agencies — and specifically Lead Generation and Appointment setting Agency, making the process of business’s customer acquisition seamless, profitable, systemized, automated, and effortless by leveraging all the experience that has been accumulated since the start of the Customers-Acquisition Agency in 2018

Haissam being a consultant and a part of other agencies as well lead him to himself being involved and the person behind some marketing plans of some of biggest Software companies like Slynte l and Chatmete r — some of the biggest Forex and Crypto trading Companies like XT B — some of biggest Info Product and Insurance and Realestate companies like The Futur and etc..

So generating interested leads, qualified appointments and more sales has been his sole focus since starting career and Customers-Acquisition Agency focus, which allowed them to understand the Ideal client behavior for a certain business and what kind of marketing and service/product promotion and sales process can attract this specific ideal client, and one of their famous sayings in Customers-Acquisition is “ the only reason behind our success and clients success is our ability to identify and understand the ideal client for a business more than the business itself and the ability to call them out using a promotional approach and a marketing message that actually relates to them “

And while other agencies are promising the world and under delivering and leaving businesses in the dark, Haissam says “ I have no interest in promising more than I can deliver — as I offer my clients a complete refund if I didn’t hit the projections set which has rarely happened over the past few years”

We are delighted to have interviewed Haissam, and we hope that he will go further high in his career. We wish him and Customers-Acquisition all the best in their future endeavors.



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