Munch Addict Opens the Door for You to Try Snacks From Around the World

You don’t need to break your bank account to travel the world. You can do that in the comfort of your home through foods from different parts of the world. Even if you have not been there physically, the food will give you a glimpse, and a taste really, of many countries. That’s why companies like Munch Addict exist.

Munch Addict is a snack subscription box company on a mission to offer the tastiest snacks and treats from around the world. The company was founded by two childhood friends, Anthony Liu and Rodney Yean. The duo was always intrigued with the various snacks and treats from other countries whenever and wherever they traveled. They would always bring back snacks for their friends and family to try. The snacks would always be accompanied by stories about the countries of origin making it a fun activity even for those who hadn’t traveled.

Anthony and Rodney brought that passion to Munch Addict. Together with their team, they strive to bring their customers and subscribers the tastiest treats and snacks from around the world. The team scours the globe for the newest and rarest snacks in order to stay on top of the snacks industry. The company’s customers eagerly await every new month because they are sure there will be something new.

Munch Addict provides an international subscription box in four different sizes. The team imports unique and popular snacks from other countries, which gives the customers choices they could not find in the local grocery stores. Unlike other companies in the industry, they also have special snacks that can be added on the fly to every box, each month. That sets the company apart since no other snack subscription box company does that.

Munch Addict’s mission is to make customers smile any time they receive their box and because of this, it has gained a loyal following. The company has also been featured in notable publications, such as Forbes, BuzzFeed, Eat This Not That, and Thrive Global. They have also delivered boxes to corporate organizations like Microsoft, ADP, and Scopely, among others. These companies use the boxes as a team-building exercise.

Over the years, the Munch Addict team has built lasting connections to vendors, distributors, and manufacturers around the world. These relationships are a guarantee that their customers will have something new all the time. It also means your order will always arrive on time.

Right now, the company is expanding its snack selection even further. The goal is to become the company with the largest international snack selection in the United States and Canada. Munch Addict also plans to bring some of the most famous North American snacks to other countries, to give them a different taste too.

Additionally, the company is increasing its market share by catering to both the subscription customers and other snack lovers who don’t necessarily feel the need to subscribe. The Munch Addict team spent the last year making that easy for customers in the Los Angeles area. The customers can now get their snacks from Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub, and Doordash. The company promises that the same service will be possible all over the U.S soon.

Social Media Marketing agent with 6 years of sales experience. I work really hard to get my clients the best representation to further their businesses.

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Amir Bakain

Social Media Marketing agent with 6 years of sales experience. I work really hard to get my clients the best representation to further their businesses.