Monique Sar, President of BNC Speakers, Shares Her Tips For Finding Fulfillment

Amir Bakian
3 min readJun 25, 2022

Monique Sar is the president of BNC Speakers — a boutique speaking bureau that connects organizations and companies to their roster of highly successful athletes, industry leaders, and other leaders of their industry. Monique and BNC Speakers are on a mission to provide their partners with memorable and impactful speakers from around the world. WIth nearly a decade of experience working as a financial advisor and three years as a startup entrepreneur, she has found her life passion. “Helping to inspire others from behind the scenes.” While Monique Sar is committed to working from behind the scenes, she also has found that there are several keys for people to find purpose and success in their life.

Self Reflection

The biggest part in building a successful life is understanding yourself. Taking a moment to look inside and understand yourself is key to building a life of purpose. “Go inward. Look at yourself. What gets on your nerves, understand who you are. Once you figure that out, connect the dots to your why.” Once you have the answer to your why, you can start taking the actions that align

with your vision. Monique acknowledges that this is an ongoing process. “Stay present, reset, and keep a view of the big picture.” This is key to keeping a proper balance in your life. For Monique, this led her to leave a very lucrative career in finance to find something that fulfilled her more. “I was very successful, but I just couldn’t see myself doing that for my whole life. I wanted to do something more.”

Find Your Legacy

As a second generation Asian-American, Monique is extremely aware of the sacrifice that her parents made to give her the opportunities that she has today. “My mom raised me as a single mom. She worked so hard for us to be where we are today. I want to do something that is worth my family’s sacrifice.” This mindset is what drives Monique to make an impact on the world around her. “As a woman of color, I am appreciative of what I’ve been able to accomplish. I also want to empower and inspire other women and people of color to find their voice and follow their dreams.” Having a vision that is bigger than herself and greater than money enables her to find the motivation to keep pushing forward.

Build A Morning Routine

When you have found your why, now it’s time to take action. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a business professional, building a strong daily routine is integral for finding success. Monique likes to start the day off with movement. “For me it’s my Peleton, but I believe it’s important to do something to get the body started with exercise.” After her exercise, she goes immediately to reading and her vision board. The importance of building a routine and starting the day off on a positive note is ideal for centering yourself for the day ahead. While everyone’s routine is different, exercise and reading should definitely be a part of it.

More On Monique Sar

Monique Sar is the president of BNC Speakers. After nearly a decade in finance and about three years as a startup entrepreneur, she has found her passion. “Helping to inspire others from behind the scenes.” Although her job keeps her busy, she loves reading and building cars in her free time. Her first car build was a Honda Civic and now she is working on a BMW E92. You can follow her on Instagram. You can also see more about her work at BNC Speakers.



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