Meet Mojiolaoluwa: RD Group CEO Transforming the Cryptocurrency Industry

Amir Bakian
2 min readJan 18


The financial world is transitioning due to the sudden influence of the cryptocurrency revolution. Digital currency has been around for a few years, yet its impact has even been felt in the business and banking worlds. Everyone is scrambling to get a piece of the future, and with RD Group, you don’t have to.

The RD Group, Real Davis Group, is an emerging cryptocurrency under the governance of the experienced Mojiolaoluwa Seun Salisu. Mojiolaoluwa is the CEO of this new and promising cryptocurrency that offers solutions other blockchains might not be able to deliver at this time. RD Group began in 2017, and since then, it has provided cryptocurrency solutions to its clientele worldwide, especially in Africa.

Since 2017, Mojiolaoluwa has been at the forefront of transforming RD Group into a cryptocurrency giant, and here are some of his notable career highlights:

· Mojiolaoluwa, RD Group’s CEO, was one of the youngest millionaires in 2017.

· Mojiolaoluwa pledged millions of dollars to aid those affected by the Boko Haram insurgency.

· During Covid-19, Mojiolaoluwa donated over $500,000 to help the Nigerian government fight against the pandemic.

Mojiolaoluwa is more than qualified to take RD Group to greater heights and achieve global recognition. He is an IT entrepreneur and stocks and commodity trader with over ten years of experience. Mojiolaoluwa began RD Group aiming to promote technology work to the financial sector.

His mission is to provide a powerful alternative to traditional financial services. The bigger picture is to have “cryptocurrency in every wallet, one customer at a time.” He can achieve all this through the RD Coin, a cryptocurrency built on a solid security, privacy, and compliance foundation.

Mojiolaoluwa’s dream is to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, including Africans living in the diaspora. RD Group is set to be a crypto giant, presenting a unique opportunity for people to create wealth.

This can only be possible through the hard work, sacrifices, and hard work the great team at RD Group has been doing. According to Mojiolaoluwa, for any success ahead, no sacrifice is too great, and no penalty is too severe. The best strategy is to trust God and always follow your written vision.

These words have been Mojiolaoluwa’s motivation whenever he goes through tough and trying times. The path to get to where he is now has been rocky, and one of his biggest challenges was transforming from entrepreneur to tech. Thanks to his dedication and the great team at RD Group, the transition was easier than expected, and it is time to make RD Coin available to all.

If you dream of investing in crypto, RD Coin is your gateway. The cryptocurrency has resulted from Mojiolaoluwa’s vast knowledge and experience in the field, and he presents a chance for everyone to start building wealth. There is no better person to lead the RD Group takeover than Mojiolaoluwa Seun Salisu, a man passionate about seeing his company soar to greater heights. It’s time to join the crypto revolution and be part of the future by investing in RD Coin.



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