Meet Mervyn Goh, the Founder of Bleed Esports Making His Mark

Amir Bakian
3 min readOct 13, 2022


After more than a year with G2 Esports, Swedish player Jacob Mourujärvi, known as Pyth, has switched to the Southeast Asian side Bleed Esports. Bleed Esports is a leading Singapore-based team competing in various Esports events across Southeast Asia. The organization takes pride in being an internationally competitive organization with players from all over the world, such as Pyth.

Pyth is a renowned former Ninjas in Pyjamas player who also played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He was the first CS:GO player to transfer to North America, and he has just moved to Southeast Asia as the first European Valorant player. The seasoned Counter-Strike pro is most known for his tenure with the venerable Swedish Esports group Ninjas in Pyjamas, where he assisted NiP in winning the 2016 DreamHack Masters Malmo and Intel Extreme Masters XI Oakland.

“It’s a really good opportunity to make it to all the Masters and Champions events because the teams here are weaker. I saw a great opportunity in Southeast Asia to build a good team and help them with my experience from CS and Valorant,” explains Mervyn Goh, the CEO and founder of Bleed Esports.

According to Mervyn, it might be difficult to locate a reliable team in Europe with the resources and motivation to assemble a successful squad. And with two places assigned to the APAC area for both the Valorant Champions event and the Masters’ events in VCT 2022, he recognized a significant opportunity in Southeast Asia and made a move.

Since its establishment in 2021, Bleed Esports has swiftly grown, signing members, particularly from UwU’s Valorant roster, as their first Esports team. Recently, Esports assembled its six-man roster that participated in the VCT 2022 season. Bleed Esports has also participated in several online competitions throughout Southeast Asia. Their most significant tournament triumph came from winning the Christmas Showdown competition and defeating the Malaysian team Kingsmen in the championship game.

Other notable achievements for Bleed Esports include finishing third in the VCT 2022: APAC Stage 1 Challengers despite being a five-month-old company. They took first and second place at the SEA Esports Championship 2021: Singaporean Qualifier and the VCT 2022: Malaysia & Singapore Stage 1 Challengers, respectively.

But it can also be challenging to establish and nurture a start-up. Mervyn reflects back to when Bleed Esports was a brand-new company. He had to put in a lot of effort and make a lot of sacrifices, just like any other budding businessman, to convince others to support his vision. Recruiting elite athletes to his team was his biggest obstacle.

“As a relatively new organization, nobody knew us. Players did not trust our organization and didn’t dare to relocate to our office in Singapore to work,” Mervyn explains.

Mervyn encourages people to confront their fears and pursue their aspirations. Never be scared to begin something from scratch; instead, have faith in your abilities and work hard. There will undoubtedly be difficulties along the way, but never give up. The most important thing is to grow from every error and become a better person.

Mervyn hopes that Bleed Esports will one day become a well-known brand that all athletes want to be associated with and play for. Additionally, he hopes to persuade and inspire more Asian athletes to support their home nations’ teams, raising the Singaporean industry internationally.



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