Josh Pelton Is Unapologetically Himself, and in the Best Ways One Could Be

With a very recognizable look and an even more contagious energy — it’s not uncommon fans recognize Pelton on TV amidst reality shows, viral videos on the internet, and a fast growing music career that has fans and industry figures wanting to know more.

Born in Cooperstown New York, Josh came from rather humble beginnings and recalls music serving as a mental escape for himself as early in his childhood as 4 years old. For some of us it was little league baseball, for others like Josh it was memorizing classic Eminem and Dr. Dre verses that sufficed as therapy on the days where the light at the end of the tunnel seemed dim.

After the passing of his father, and long distance move to Sarasota, Florida — Pelton began to pursue music in a much more serious manner despite songwriting still serving primarily as an emotional outlet. It wouldn’t be until his 17th birthday that he would drop his first single “The Beginning (Peep The Game)” only furthering the idea that no matter however many years it takes the spark and love for music would never diminish.

Fast forward 7 years later and many would and could argue that it is safe to say “Josh Pelton has found his sound”. Musically inspired by the likes of Russ, Tupac, Drake, XXXtentacion etc. it’s difficult to imagine such a unique blend of flavors without trying it out for yourself. “Soldier of God Freestyle” is Josh’s self proclaimed favorite song to date (that is released anyway) and it’s not hard to see why. A flawless beat selection complimented by hard hitting and intricate flows makes the bounce of the record feel seamless while maintaining a beautiful roughness around the edges other artists would fail to pull off.

An artist at heart, the “Soldier of God” rapper says that he’s put in more than enough time not only in the booth but also on the computer as a trader, which subsequently allowed him the financial freedom to pursue his art as a career and not a hobby. He’s described this time period as “a bumpy road” that eventually resulted in a success that has changed his life forever.

Humbly enough, after everything he’s accomplished at 24, Joshua gives all credit for his inspirations and successes to his father, his mother, and God. He described his future goals in a way that involved positively affecting 1 trillion people, making 1 trillion dollars, and creating music that is considered timeless when the day comes to an end. Although these seem like big goals, in many ways it also feels like Josh has fought through his toughest trials and tribulations already, and won. I know I speak for a lot of real hip-hop heads when I say that I’m very excited to see what is in store for this brilliant young mind.


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