Isiah Velasquez is Not Your Average Car Guy


Thinking about buying your next car? If so, you need to pause for a moment and think about how you want the buying process to look. Buying a used car from the owner can be a great way to get a bargain — provided you’re a trained mechanic and have some serious negotiating skills.

Of course, the other option is to walk into a dealership, but of course that’s not always easy, either. Most people feel like walking into a dealership is like swimming into the shark pool. So, what’s the best option?

The answer: an Auto Broker.

Working With Isiah Velasquez, The Auto Broker

Working with an auto broker will allow you to get a better deal. Working with me, however, will ensure you not only get the best price but the best experience.

For me, I use my connections with both dealerships and banks to get you the best deal on your car and your financing. I always get a better price than what a customer could get just by walking into the dealership — why? Because I work for numerous customers, if the dealership keeps me happy and thus my clients happy, I’ll be back again soon. Most people buy a car once every 3–5 years, whereas I can do business with them every week or month.

Of course, I do more than just get you a better deal on a car — my service includes everything done for you, including delivery of the vehicle to your home. My customer service is number one and of course, I’m 100% transparent. I know that the only way I can provide the best price and service is through trust, so strive to do so at all times.

What Kind of Deal Can Isiah Get Working with You?

So let me share an example with you. Most people who walked into a dealership to look at a $30,000 car would have to pay that. If they’re buying cash, maybe they can negotiate a slightly lower price, but most dealerships won’t budge much on their pricing these days, especially if you’re financing the vehicle.

However, if you work with me and you want that same car, I might get the car for you at $26,000, saving you $4,000 — that’s a huge saving, and makes buying your new car so much more affordable.

Why Work With You?

If you’re looking to buy a new (or new to you) car in New York or Miami, you need to work with me. I work in both locations and can help you get the very best deal on your next car. I can:

· Help you get the car of your dreams

· Access any vehicle for you

· Beat dealership prices by thousands of dollars

· Take the stress out of buying a new car

· Saving hours of browsing online sites and/or walking in and out of dealerships

· Saving yourself the task of negotiating with salespeople

If you’ve ever used a broker for another service in your life, you’ll know what a no-brainer decision it is to do so. If you’re in New York or Miami, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via my Instagram account with your needs whether you’re ready to buy or just thinking about it, and we can start the process.



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