Investing in Innovation: Alexandre Bonvin’s Master Plan for E-Commerce Dominance

Amir Bakian
3 min readNov 20, 2023

Digital shops are winning the retail race, leaving physical stores in the dust. This shift isn’t just a blip; it’s a shopping revolution sweeping across industries, from the latest trends to your weekly groceries. While the e-commerce boom has seen the rise of many all-encompassing retailers, there’s still room to grow in the nooks and crannies of the market that the big names tend to skip over. Alexandre Bonvin, the founder and CEO of Audacia Group, is reshaping that with his game-changing strategy.

Under Bonvin’s leadership, Audacia Group has crafted its own niche in this expansive frontier and set the pace for other brands. This began with Audacia’s launch and their smart first move to snap up KissKiss, a Swiss e-shop in the adult toy and accessory space. By exploring this uncharted path, Bonvin and Audacia laid the foundations for a growing empire of e-commerce ventures. Since then, Audacia hasn’t just grown; it’s thrived.

Now managing 16 diverse online platforms across over 45 countries, Audacia serves an impressive customer base that tops 2.3 million. But Bonvin isn’t interested in just numbers; he’s about setting a benchmark for Swiss e-commerce excellence. He’s constantly searching for promising online companies that have cornered specific markets in Switzerland or Europe.

Bonvin’s has a rare game plan in the cutthroat world of e-commerce. He focuses on buying and then building up unique e-commerce businesses that others deem too risky. It’s this approach that has Audacia not just collecting companies but strengthening and expanding them. Bonvin makes it clear: “We are doing something quite unique…we now have a strong buy-and-build strategy for acquiring and consolidating e-commerce companies.”

This isn’t just about growing businesses, though. Audacia broke new ground by putting its shares on the blockchain in 2021, proving Bonvin’s willingness to push boundaries and leverage new tech to stay ahead of the curve. “E-commerce is an industry that evolves very quickly, and you have to constantly adapt to the market’s needs,” he shared. With blockchain adoption increasing across the board, Bonvin’s move has already set the stage for Audacia’s future success in the industry.

Bonvin’s shrewd business moves are backed by a solid foundation in finance and real estate, honed through prestigious programs at the London School of Economics and MIT Sloan. The strategic prowess he developed in these halls of learning is visible in the way he steers Audacia. By applying cutting-edge economic theories and management principles, Bonvin remains a step ahead, transforming insights into actions that bolster the group’s market position. His ability to foresee market trends and understanding of financial intricacies empower Audacia’s strategy, aligning with his goal to not only participate in the e-commerce market but to actively shape it.

The buy-and-build strategy has been particularly successful in the post-pandemic world. With more consumers turning to e-commerce, Audacia Group is bringing together strong individual e-commerce players and giving them the tools to grow even stronger. As Bonvin puts it, they’re on a mission “to support and grow our brands in the best possible way.” It’s not just about being another player in the e-commerce league. Their goal is to set the pace, one brand at a time.



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