How Young Mogul Sean Mourey Is Taking the Social Media Marketing Game by Storm

Social media is a marketing goldmine. It’s an easy way to reach thousands, if not millions, of people with your message in a matter of seconds. The more followers you have, the greater the chances that your message will be seen by many and shared even more. Consequently, the competition in this space can be daunting and, at times, overwhelming as various players vie for the spotlight.

Sean Mourey of SM MEDIA specializes in helping brands and individuals get ahead of the competition and maximize their potential on social media. SM MEDIA is a social media and cryptocurrency marketing agency that makes anything viral. The company grows brands, individuals, and projects to new heights, maximizing notoriety and taking them to new heights. SM MEDIA is one of the best marketing agencies out there, helping thousands of clients get millions of dollars in deals done.

Mourey’s work ethic and ability to get the job done, no matter what it takes, is one reason he stands out from the rest of the players in this space. When he was just 11 years old, Mourey started a sneaker business out of his parent’s house. He would buy sneakers in bulk and sell them at a markup on the side. When he got older, that side hustle turned into an e-commerce enterprise where he sold more than just shoes but Supreme drops and other coveted streetwear items.

As the business grew, so did Mourey’s interest in digital marketing, which led him to create a social connection platform to help people connect with their favorite celebrities on a personal level. He ran the enterprise, Boathouse, with two of his friends for a while, which truly taught him how to run a business and the ethics behind making money. Few high school students can boast of creating a multimillion-dollar business, supporting their families, and employing many workers. Mourey has done that and more, including expanding his business internationally, going off to college, and finding time for friends, sports, and family.

Like most entrepreneurs, Mourey’s business was significantly impacted by COVID. But he took the opportunity to innovate and scale rapidly, building a massive e-commerce clientele through social media and networking. He networked with fellow entrepreneurs and business owners in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Tampa, Miami, Toronto, and British Columbia area. Using social media the right way has helped Mourey build an international network with stores and consumers and equipped him with the skills he now leverages to take other brands and individuals to the next level.

With more consumers joining various social media platforms, Mourey states it’s easier than ever to promote your product or service and connect with your audience in meaningful ways. His goal is to scale his expertise and enterprise in the next few years, becoming a true mogul in the social media marketing game. Outside social media, he hopes to expand into other ventures, including real estate, car dealerships, and law, a path in which he plans to gain knowledge soon. Mourey also wants to truly give back to the community through philanthropy, not only in monetary value but also in knowledge.

“Knowledge is priceless,” Mourey states. He recommends the same for other entrepreneurs. “Understand credit, borrowing power, and access to capital,” Mourey adds. “Have role models and people who believe in you on your side. Plan strategically, think forward, and focus on the future too.”

Social Media Marketing agent with 6 years of sales experience. I work really hard to get my clients the best representation to further their businesses.

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Amir Bakain

Social Media Marketing agent with 6 years of sales experience. I work really hard to get my clients the best representation to further their businesses.