How Other People Fund Helps You Pay for Therapy

Amir Bakian
3 min readFeb 21, 2023

We live in a world predisposed to so many difficulties; sometimes, all we need is to talk to someone else to ease our burdens. Therapy offers a safe place to talk through life challenges such as breakups, grief, parenting difficulties, or family struggles. But these sessions come at a price that many people cannot afford. Other People Fund has come to the rescue to help people who need help with their therapy bills.

Other People Fund is a non-profit organization based in Buffalo, New York. It was established in 2021 in partnership with Support for the Psyche, driven with passion by Elena Kilgore. We all need someone to walk us through certain phases of life, especially when they have to do with mental health. This prompted Elena to come up with the Other People Fund to alleviate the financial burden when seeking therapy.

To raise funds, Elena thought of selling goods, and the profits she would obtain, she would use to help those who cannot afford to pay for therapy. She started with only 100 t-shirts. The t-shirts were printed with the phrase, “I think we should see other people, and by other people, I mean therapists.” Over the next few years, Other People Fund has grown to sell not just t-shirts. The brand has increased to include hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, beanies, and tote bags worn worldwide.

Mental illness and financial strife are often closely linked, causing a cycle of debt that increases when someone seeks mental health resources. The average cost of a therapy session in the United States ranges from $100–200, and the care is not often covered by insurance. To mitigate the situation, the Other People Fund, in partnership with Support for the Psyche, is able to award $300 per therapy aid applicant, which covers an average of three sessions.

Other People Fund has grown immensely and has benefited and covered the cost of 380+ therapy sessions for people in need. The organization has grown over the last two years to sell its products globally and has had an impressive response and support for its work. Even the international recording artist Harry Styles has joined the rally for this brand. He has purchased two t-shirts and a tote bag from this organization, which he has been seen wearing in public. This organization has helped alleviate the financial burden incurred when seeking therapy.

Most notably, 100% of Other People Fund’s proceeds go to help people who need mental healthcare. You can support this important mission by purchasing merchandise from or donating directly at They also urge those in need to apply for therapy aid or join the waitlist at

Other People Fund aims to continue to increase access to mental healthcare with support from across the world, for a long time.



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