How Maggie Jenson Is Helping Addicts Think and Drink Differently

Maggie Jenson is a certified behavior-change specialist (BCS), nutrition coach, weight loss specialist, and fitness trainer. She is also the mastermind behind Magnify Progressive Wellness, an innovative digital rehabilitation program helping addicts think differently. The program aims to assist people struggling with sobriety or high-risk drinking. Maggie, a recovered alcohol addict, created the program during her recovery phase as she struggled with sobriety and found success in thinking differently to overcome her drinking problems.

“I aim to help individuals struggling with addictive behavior start to ‘think different to drink different, or never again,’” says Maggie. She achieves this by helping addicts build a health consciousness and a sense of purpose and direction. The program involves progressive workout programs, education on nutrition science, and expanding awareness of mindset principles like the Laws of Achievement and the Science of Success.

At Magnify Progressive Wellness, Maggie conducts one-on-one coaching to help addicts realize and preserve their sobriety by taking an untraditional path to traditional addiction treatment. She happily confesses how people who have worked with her have recovered from addiction and are currently able to enjoy their lives while working hard to fulfill their dreams. As an addict, you will get from breakdown to breakthrough without having to go completely dry. Maggie urges you to rethink how “cutting back” looks so that you can do it with ease, excitement, and success.

Maggie’s mom was an alcoholic. Her older brother also turned to alcoholism, and after several years of struggle, he felt so helpless he committed suicide. Maggie was barely 13 years old, and her brother’s death hit her hard. To adjust to living without him, she also indulged in alcohol. Maggie would attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) with her mom, where she learned that addiction is a permanent disease, and once you indulge in it, there is no reversal.

With this in mind, she never bothered to quit until 15 years into her addiction — during the first round of quarantines between March and July 2020. Maggie took control of her life by thinking and drinking differently. Eventually, she overcame her addictive alcoholic tendencies, and through the transformation, Maggie launched Magnify Progressive Wellness to help others fight addiction.

Two years down the line, the program has been successful. Maggie has consistently posted content on her social media platforms, contributing to the program’s immense growth. The program has produced positive results for all her one-on-one clients. “This amounts to 37 people since launching in 2020. Some of these clients were just fitness/nutrition clients who wanted to cut back on drinking, but even they got the results they desired too!” says Maggie.

Magnify Progressive Wellness’ concept is unique, which is why most people have yet to approve this initiative. Maggie loses her enthusiasm and doubts herself at times. But amazingly, she has not lost hope as she understands that she was born to prove herself to society and help people struggling with alcoholism and their families who are caught in the web of pain and trauma.

Maggie says she never listened to coaches who said addicts don’t have money. Instead, she advises aspiring coaches that this niche is limitless. Magnify Progressive Wellness would love to appear on Oprah and On-Time Magazine. Her inspirational book is in Barnes and Noble and is currently the best “quit lit” book available.

Social Media Marketing agent with 6 years of sales experience. I work really hard to get my clients the best representation to further their businesses.

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Amir Bakain

Social Media Marketing agent with 6 years of sales experience. I work really hard to get my clients the best representation to further their businesses.