How Dr. Ty Richardson Is Using Strengths To Make Sense Of A Changing World

Amir Bakian
3 min readAug 24, 2021


Unless we do some self-reflection, we may not realize where our strengths lie and what weaknesses we should work on. The earlier we proceed with this, the more we can use those skills and talents to our advantage. After all, when you’re headed in the wrong direction, you won’t reach your desired destination, which in this case is the pinnacle of your career.

If you were to ask the most successful figures in the corporate world how they make sense of this changing world, many might answer self-assessment. They looked inward at what they’re good at and used it to their advantage to gain leverage over their career. One such person is the community influencer, speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Ty Richardson.

Based on Gallup’s Strengthsfinder, the tool that Ty uses for determining his top strengths, his dominant strengths are significance, activator, arranger, command, and maximizer. Using this knowledge, he guides high-performing teams and leads high-impact projects to make them successful. At this point, Ty has already helped countless professionals and gained recognition in his over 18 years as a career professional.

In 1998 and 2001 he was a recipient of the Agent Excellence Award by American Airlines. In 2008, the Credit Union National Association named him the Business Development Professional of the Year. Ten years later, he reached a milestone and officially became an author and published The Journey to Becoming a Young Professional.

In 2019, he was named the Rising Leader of the Year by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. The following year, South Florida Business & Wealth Magazine honored him as an Up & Comer of the Year. Dr. Ty was also the nominee for local nonprofit HANDY’s Men of Style 2020 award, representing them at the Galleria Mall Man of Style awards that year. More recently, he was honored again as a Finance Professional of the Year 2021 by South Florida Business & Wealth magazine.

However, despite making the most use of his strengths, Ty still doesn’t ignore his weaknesses. He may not be good at everything, no one is, but that doesn’t mean he can’t work around it. To make up for what he’s not the best at, Dr. Ty depends on experts who will point out the mistakes he can’t see himself and lead him towards self-development.

Based on Ty’s personal experience and what he’s seen from successful people across various industries, coaches are crucial to growth. He used to rely on being completely self-taught, but that ended up with failures. Dr. Ty believes having a mentor and/or a coach makes things turn out differently. This is one of the reasons why he considers training and helping aspiring professionals to be his life’s purpose.

As a strengths-based coach, he helps others with discovering their strengths and leaning into them for their personal and business transformation. He also provides clients with the resources and tools to advance their careers. With the number of professionals he has helped, it’s no wonder he’s a respected and influential person in his niche on social media, especially Instagram.

Despite being a strength-based coach, Ty is focused on opportunities; receiving them, evaluating them, investing in them and helping others attain them. Ty uses his strategic sense and wealth of professional experience to determine what he can align with, and what he believes will be successful, and invests either his time, resources or money into it. Whether entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial, personal or professional, for individuals, an organization, or the community, Ty is an advocate for growth and is always ready for the next opportunity.



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