How Andrew Taylor Became One of The Top Agents at Family First Life

Amir Bakian
3 min readAug 3, 2022


True to Robert Louis’s words, “Everyone lives by selling something”, Andrew Taylor, a veteran in the life insurance industry, has spent most of his life in the sales world. For the last twelve years, Andrew has constantly performed at the highest level. He is also one of the big-hearted people you’re likely to meet in the industry. His company Family First Life USA (FFL USA), has taught and led over 500 agents to each make $100k in gross income, thanks to his influence.

Insurance sales is all about networking and creating connections, and Andrew understands this perfectly. He is a managing partner of Integrity Marketing Group, the most elite partnership an insurance agent can have. This A-class group has only 80 members out of the 2 million agents in the industry.

His humility, despite his massive success, surprises many people. He is not the flashy type and loves keeping his lifestyle simple. A natural-born leader, Andrew is passionate about helping other people. He also leads by example by being the most hardworking person in the room.

At the age of 18, Andrew was busy bagging groceries at one of the local supermarkets. It was his only way to earn a living. This was his lifestyle until a customer gave him a copy of Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. Reading the book gave him a new understanding of life. He was eager to find a new purpose. Paul, a close friend, introduced him to his destiny, the insurance world.

Making a mark in the insurance industry is never easy, and Andrew was no exception. He had to face numerous challenges in his journey to become the person he is today. Trying to please everyone was his biggest setback. Andrew often changed his goals to meet other people’s expectations, something that initially derailed his success.

What’s impressive about Andrew is that he is a fast learner and adapted quickly to a new environment. He was quick to understand his setbacks. Andrew realized that people were not happy with his mediocre side and worked on it. He changed his circle, choosing to be with those who shared the same dream. He had to mature and grow to find the businessman in himself. Through ups and downs and perseverance, Andrew was able to achieve success and make a decent living.

Joining Family First Life (FFL) as an agent was one of his biggest moves. Here he had a higher compensation level, leads, and training; which was a new experience since most of his previous employers did not offer such perks. With clear set goals, Andrew cleared over $500,000 within his first year at Family First Life. According to the industry statistics, an average agent makes about $43,000 a year, and while at FFL, the average agent makes $113,000. Andrew’s figures meant he was now the top-selling agent at Family First Life.

After years of learning, and getting a deep understanding of the industry, Andrew settled on establishing his own company, Family First Life USA (FFL USA). Since its establishment in 2016, FFL USA has grown to be the largest independently owned IMO. They serve the largest number of clients compared to other organizations and are projected to do over $300 million by the end of 2021.

You can connect with Andrew Taylor on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can also check out FFL USA on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.



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