Escape the 9–5 Grind: Ryan Buttigieg’s Recipe for E-Commerce Success

Amir Bakian
3 min readNov 20, 2023

Ryan Buttigieg wants you to think outside the box. If you feel like a regular 9–5 job is not for you, then Buttigieg has just the plan. His company, Change Mentor Hub, teaches a wide range of people how to start their own e-commerce businesses. E-commerce completely changed Buttigieg’s life, and it can change yours, too.

Change Mentor Hub began as Buttigieg’s side hustle. He was stuck in a job with long hours and an unsatisfying salary when he started learning about e-commerce and marketing through online courses. When he began to see some success in his e-commerce sales, friends asked him to teach them how he was doing it. Buttigieg soon became overwhelmed trying to teach all of his friends and acquaintances what had taken him years to study. He devised a method of his own, and his simple training course blew up online.

Buttigieg saw an opportunity to bring his training method to the masses. He founded Change Mentor Hub and grew the businesses into a successful start-up and a strong community. Change Mentor Hub has been featured in Forbes, Men’s Journal, Maxim, and more. The company’s members have gone on to found multi-national businesses and grow huge profit margins as a result of Buttigieg’s teachings.

Members of Change Mentor Hub enroll in a marketing and e-commerce course developed by Buttigieg. The ten-stage program is filled with step-by-step guidance and training that allows you to create your own profitable online business. With no experience needed and a comprehensive crash course in e-commerce and marketing, you can easily see your business grow with Change Mentor Hub.

Buttigieg’s company is now the number-one training platform in Europe. Members have closed massive business-to-business deals with big high-street brands well into seven figures. Other members are currency making six figures with their e-commerce stores alone. Buttigieg considers every member’s success a highlight of Change Mentor Hub, but he especially loved taking forty members to Bali on a retreat in 2023. The experience brought together the Change Mentor Hub community, and it was a great opportunity for everyone to talk about their businesses.

All of this success has not come without challenges. Buttigieg experienced negativity and jealousy from many people around him at the beginning of his journey. However, he has come to understand that creating a different life than the path from what most people consider normal attracts just as much negative attention as positive attention. He stayed focused on his end goal of achieving financial freedom for himself and his family and now finds it easy to ignore the negativity.

Ryan Buttigieg is passionate about extending his success to others. He finds it extremely rewarding to train the members of Change Mentor Hub and watch them change their lives for the better. Anyone who has the courage to forge an unconventional path is welcome to come with Buttigieg to the top. He knows that the biggest life hack is spending it with the right people — and he’s built his very own community of like-minded entrepreneurs. The best part is that it’s easy to join them.



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