Eliott Pityn: A real estate entrepreneur, investor, expert, philanthropist, and what not!

Honing many hats on his head, Eliott Pityn shines as gold in each role and has delivered desired results consistently.

We have often come across many different industries, fields, and sectors which have constantly been doing good in terms of growth and revenue. But in recent times, if there is one industry which has grown by ten folds and is rapidly growing across the globe, then it is the Real estate industry. Buying and selling of real estate and investments have certainly been one of the hot niches which many budding entrepreneurs have targeted and also yielded great success. The number of startups and new firms in the real estate sectors has grown in double digits, also giving a great platform to young budding entrepreneurs to make it big in the business arena. With the advent of many diverse digital tools, platforms, and emergence of social media, the real estate arena has taken the technological advantage and provided many potential customers with the right information about property, location, budget, surroundings and so on. One such spirited entrepreneur and realtor who had bridged the gap between the latest technology and the new age customer is Eliott Pityn.

In no time, Eliott Pityn has created a special place and name for himself within the real estate business. He is the mind and soul behind many successful ventures of his in the real estate space like The Pityn Organization, PREIC, Pityn Investments, and The Pityn Foundation. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and brought up in Canada, Eliott Pityn had a strong inclination towards the world of business and always wanted to seek the same in the long run. He initially started his own pop stand selling drinks during the hot summer days and did lawn care and snow removal services. After developing interest in MLM and doing it for some time, Eliott dropped out of it before learning many things about real estate sector and investments. Later he started his own firm and since then there has been no looking back for him.

At 32 years of age, Eliott controls more than 40 million dollars’ worth of multifamily real estate, which consists of 300 units. He purchased his first property at the age of 20 years, which turned into more than 20 properties in next four years. This included different types of real estate from single families all the way up to 4-plexes. However after facing certain obstacles and challenges in terms of financing and scaling, Eliott re-strategized by selling his small properties and purchasing large multifamily buildings, 20 units and up. After three years of focusing on large apartment buildings, he was able to grow from 50 units to 300 units.

Eliott Pityn and his work ethic has been setting the real estate industry on fire. His long term vision is to keep growing his companies and growing his foundation. He opines that “The goal is to hit 100 Million in Assets in 3 years. 500 million in 10 years and 1 Billion + in 20 years or less.”

For more information, follow him on Instagram @mr.pityn.

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