Children’s Charity Founder Ray Mohler Has Been Supporting Hospitalized Kids Since 2004

Amir Bakian
3 min readSep 23, 2021

Charity has been part of Ray Mohler’s life since the age of four. He has a big heart and a deep passion for helping other children. He is the founder and CEO of Little Saint Nick Foundation, a charity that has been supporting hospitalized children since 2004. Ray was named among the top ten most influential CEOs in 2021 by Beyond Exclamation. He earned this prestigious honor thanks to his contribution and impact on society through charity.

Ray has also been helping sick children cope with illnesses or injuries. Through the foundation, Ray has followed the path taken by children from when they’re admitted to the Emergency Department and throughout their stay in the hospital until they’re discharged.

This has been a special program for Ray, as he shares a first-hand experience on how tough it is for children in hospitals. At the age of four, Ray was rushed to the hospital and found out he had Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. He dealt with this disease for two years, bravely battling the illness the entire way. He’s never forgotten this traumatizing experience and is now motivated by the wish that no child should have to go through the same. Ray was inspired to start something to help the children going through challenging moments despite his young age, and that’s how the foundation was born. At 5, Ray was already giving gifts to hospitalized children, an act that caught the attention of other like-minded individuals.

Through Little Saint Nick Foundation, Ray has also officially launched a partnership with South Oaks Hospital to improve pediatric inpatient facilities. The facility is well known for offering comprehensive and personalized care to acute psychiatric illness patients, including those suffering from substance use disorder.

His selfless acts and acts of mercy have seen him been honored with several awards. Ray is a recipient of the prestigious Presidential Spirit of Community award that he was awarded at the age of 12, making him one of the ten children ever to receive the honor. He is also one of the ten children to grace the renowned Nickelodeon episode — The H.A.L.O. Effect.

Receiving such accolades at a young age inspired him to share his passion for helping others. More children have since reached out to him, wanting to help him grow his foundation. They have also been ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange on his birthday for the past 3 years.

Like the rest of the world, the onset of the pandemic greatly affected Ray’s charity. He had to put the foundation on hold with no clear indication when normalcy would resume. Fortunately, the foundation is a passionate, determined, and creative team. Under Ray’s leadership, the foundation could innovate ways to keep its mission going despite the hard times. For Ray, it was a moment to reflect on the organization’s objectives and strategies to cope with such scenarios in the near future.

For the future, Ray wants to expand the foundation to every state. This will be a great accomplishment for Ray and the foundation as it will help reach more people in need. He is also keen to establish partnerships with other nonprofits. Ray believes that “Selfless giving is the art of living” -Frederic Lenz.



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