CatnClever: Introducing Your Child to Early Learning in a Digital World

Amir Bakian
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In today’s world, more than ever, children need opportunities to explore their natural curiosity and discover their talents and interests. Even the youngest learners benefit from playing games that challenge their minds in exciting, constructive, and creative ways. However, most educational games aimed at preschoolers lack the challenge and stimulation that young kids need and want. Catnclever shows that it is possible to combine rich, entertaining content with solid learning principles through safe, age-appropriate games that prepare young children for the demands of primary school and social life.

CatnClever offers preschoolers a playful and engaging introduction to learning through an easy-to-use app with story-based exercises. Three friendly characters, Lily the Cat, Sammy the Dog, and Maxi the Mouse, guide children through fun lessons that invite them to engage actively with the story instead of passively gazing at the screen.

According to James Gee*, an expert in games and learning, digital games can be motivating rich learning experiences when they achieve a balance between fun and challenge. The interactive play that CatnClever offers is grounded in this very important learning principle.

But CatnClever is more than just fun; the lessons have been developed according to the curricular standards of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and Lehrplan 21, the Swiss-German curriculum for preschoolers. Presently the app’s lessons focus on basic math and literacy skills, enriched with music, body movement activities, and socio-emotional prompts.

Many parents have legitimate concerns about their children’s screen time and safety with digital tools. With age-appropriate stories presented in a safe, ad-free environment, CatnClever ensures children’s early digital experiences are positive and joyful. This makes it a reliable tool that parents can trust. Based on decades of research and designed to support the well-being of its young learners, CatnClever provides parents with a valuable tool for their children’s academic and non-academic development.

Available on iOS and Android mobile devices, Catnclever also solves a problem for parents by giving their children meaningful and entertaining content for those idle moments on the go, at home, or during long car rides. Compared to other kinds of learning games, CatnClever is portable, engaging, and convenient.

Since children are exposed to technology at an increasingly young age, parents also want to understand what their children are doing with their digital tools; with this in mind, CatnClever includes a comprehensive Parent Dashboard for families to track and follow their children’s learning progress in the app. The dashboard provides a complete overview of the child’s lessons and achievements, including strengths and weaknesses.

Caregivers can review children’s performance data and adjust the lessons with the Parent Dashboard. For example, if a child struggles with a particular skill, the parent or caregiver can increase the number of exercises in that skill and provide additional support to help the child master it. The app also allows parents and caregivers to decide which skills their children will practice and to place daily limits on time spent with the app.

Overall, CatnClever’s story-based educational exercises, safe digital environment, reinforcement of social skills, and Parent Dashboard make it a comprehensive and motivating educational tool for preschoolers. By using the CatnClever app, parents can feel confident that their child is learning valuable skills in a playful and interactive way. CatnClever is currently available to download on the App Store or Google Play. For more information, visit

* Gee, J. P., & Price, A. (2021). Game-Design Teaching and Learning. Strategies, 34(3), 35–38.



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