BondApp is the Perfect Wingman for Introducing You to Locals


BondApp is the social app with a difference — it marries the old-fashioned way of meeting people (i.e. actually getting out of the house!) with the new comfort and ease of an app. Jamal Taleb from Boston put together a business plan to make his conceptual vision transform to a user-friendly application.

With BondApp, you don’t have to stay in until you find someone online you want to meet, BondApp is the app that is by your side as you head out to the bar for a drink. Head to a local venue, grab a drink at the bar, and open the app. You’ll immediately see any other Bondians (BondApp users) at the hotspot or within 200 feet of your location so you can start a conversation.

BondApp takes away any chance for someone to use a false identity to scam or mislead you, and allows users have a genuine, face-to-face connection with someone as soon as there is mutual interest. Once you’ve agreed to connect, you can take the conversation into real-time, allowing you to meet someone new without any fear of rejection.

The problem with all of the other social apps out there is that, since your initial interactions are all over online chat there are rarely meaningful conversations and you don’t get to connect through eye contact and body language. Although other social apps try their best to give their users security there is always the risk that the person you are chatting to is not who they say they are, putting you in a vulnerable position when you go to meet that person for the first time.

BondApp gives you the ability to only see Bondians who are within 200 feet of your location, so not only can you view a user’s profile on the app, you will actually be able to see that person with your own eyes then and there, with no chances to hide behind an online persona of someone who is not really them. In this way, we are safely connecting individuals with each other so no uneasiness will ever be felt when meeting someone you’ve never met before.

If you find a connection you are interested in you can send them an invitation, known as a ‘Ping’ to find out whether there is a mutual connection. When a mutual connection is found you can start conversing on the Chat Wheel to break the ice. Then, when you feel ready, you can just walk over to your connection and start a real, meaningful conversation. Jamal Taleb added by saying “We wanted to be special by making the application user-friendly, that’s when the Chat Wheel came into place”.

BondApp takes away any barriers you may find with regular social apps, such as location and false identities, to promote real-life interactions. This service is made to be limited to public locations, such as restaurants and bars, where you will actually be able to verify that their physical appearance matches that shown on BondApp.

And if you find that there aren’t any other Bondians where you are, no problem. BondApp has a unique feature known as Hotspots. This allows you to see on a map where there are areas of high activity from fellow users. This map will give you the ability to see how many Bondians there are at that venue or public place but will not show you their profile pictures. This means that the only way to discover the identity of a potential connection is to head over to that Hotspot. In this way, BondApp is also promoting venues and lending a helping hand to increasing local business revenue.

So far, BondApp has obtained incredibly positive feedback from the locals of Boston, and they are currently working to expand their coverage across the east coast so that more people can discover the benefits of BondApp and have real-life interactions to make more meaningful, long-lasting connections.

If you’re interested in networking on the spot, download BondApp to your phone or head to to explore the app for yourself today.

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