Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software for Law Firms

Amir Bakian
3 min readDec 1, 2023

New technologies can be an asset to any business with the foresight to take proper advantage of them. Right now, business software backed by robust AI is the brave frontier, offering advantages to companies able to wield them deftly. While the media is full of advertisements for generalized business AIs, any legal professional knows that the specific needs of law firms demand CRM software specially tailored for them. A small micro-industry of AI companies is competing to become the go-to litigation management software of the next decade. Out of those available, CARET Legal has managed to distinguish itself in four ways.

Smooth and Intuitive User Interface

Legal work is complicated enough without a software platform that gets so lost in features that it forgets that customers need to USE it. CARET Legal was created by lawyers who understand the workflow needs of an actual legal firm. The platform minimizes the need to switch between tasks, letting users focus on the core of their work. It’s intuitive, integrated, and has mobile functionality. The software enables you to set the pace and decide what you need.

Comprehensive Suite of Features

One of the main goals of CARET Legal is to streamline busy work so that you can focus on your cases and clients. Organizing information and managing the minutiae of your cases is a distraction you don’t need, and CARET Legal has a full suite of comprehensive features designed to lighten this load. CARET Legal boasts that they’ve helped firms boost billable hours by 15%, a statistic they trust because the software includes intuitive time-tracking features. The software lets you store more data more confidently and find it quickly when needed.

Robust Document and Billing Automation

Here are the features of the future. Woven into CARET Legal’s platform is a surprisingly effective AI that can take advantage of all this clean organization to automate some of the most time-consuming tasks in your office, like billing, outright. The AI can also summarize legal documents for quick perusal or autonomously create entire documents independently. Offices that use CARET Legal have transformed how they interact with legal documents, moving their entire workflow into a more efficient, precise, and effective future.

Stand-out Reputation

For nearly a decade, CARET Legal has been partnered with some of the top law firms in the US, and the New Jersey Law Journal has awarded the platform three times. They’ve already begun transitioning these large, established law firms over to their AI-backed platforms, and those firms are already enjoying the results. This gives CARET Legal the benefit of confidence. They’ve proven that this platform works.

Law firms worldwide are planning their transition to new, AI-backed software. Once they’ve made this movement, they can use its workflow and management assets. They’ll be quicker to respond to clients’ needs and legal changes, giving them an advantage over competitors that are slower to move into the future. When deciding on your software, consider its interface, features, automation, and reputation. Does it stand out where others would offer a mediocre user experience? CARET Legal has established a standard against which others can be measured.



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