An Inside Look Into Chava Mercado: CEO InMotion Media Group Living His Dreams

Amir Bakian
3 min readSep 21, 2022


Chava Mercado is the successful CEO of InMotion Media Group, an advertising and marketing company in the US. Today, Chava is a perfect testament to an immigrant without basic English knowledge who found success.

However, Chava’s journey to the top encountered many challenges that almost killed his entrepreneurial dreams. Growing up, he pursued his dreams of becoming a business tycoon and started several businesses unsuccessfully. In 2019, when he was 35 and armed with years of experience in marketing and advertising, he founded InMotion Media Group, which proved to be a big success. The company was operating part-time, but in 2020, it became full-time. After working for only two weeks, the Covid-19 pandemic struck and shut down the world.

“For the following two years, our business not only survived, but it thrived, quickly growing and taking my net worth from $7 to 7 figures. We won a national award for the best ‘Outdoor Ad in 2021’ for one of our law firm clients,” Chava says.

The InMotion Media Group CEO is quick to share his most challenging moment when starting the company. During the first six months, the business experienced some financial challenges since it was still young and was not making enough money to support its operations. Having spent almost every penny in his bank account, Chava turned to friends and family for financial assistance, but none was willing to bail him out. At the last minute, just before selling part of his company to a group of investors, he received his first payment and a financial breakthrough of $247,500, something he is proud of today.

InMotion Media Group deals with branded truck advertising. They have 53ft semi-trucks that are great for freeways and maximum exposure, 26ft box trucks that are suitable for streets and local markets, and 11ft LED trucks that are ideal for special events, conferences, and hyper-localized branding.

InMotion Media Group has spread across all fifty US states, making its mark in the branding and advertising space. “People tend to pay more attention to things that are in motion, therefore, our InMotion truck ads are seen more by potential customers,” shares Chava.

Concerning the company’s success, Chava says, “We offer an experience for our clients. Where others provide simple pictures to their clients taken by truck drivers with their smartphones, we have full-time dedicated photographers, videographers, and even drone pilots. We create content for our brands and provide more information than our clients ask from us. We have a philosophy to be outstanding, which means doing more than we are paid for, doing more than is required, and delivering more than expected.”

The InMotion Media Group CEO has many plans for the future as they set out to leave a mark in the global outdoor advertising industry. Working with not only Fortune 500 brands but top influencers, Chava Mercado is working to grow his own personal brand and use his trucks to promote his Instagram@instachava. Chava also looks forward to winning various awards, crossing the $8-figure mark, and crafting a strategy to make over $9 figures.

“Find a need or a problem and provide a solution. Add value to the marketplace and you will be rewarded accordingly. I saw a problem in the outdoor advertising world with traditional billboards. So I set out to create my business and offer solutions and better alternatives to this problem. This is how I built my company, from a solution-based model first. Providing value and helping brands has proven to be a winning formula” Chava concludes.



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