An Innovative MSP: How Cluster Networks is Revolutionizing the World of IT Support

Amir Bakian
3 min readJan 14, 2023

No matter the business you are in, one thing is certain, your company’s daily operations heavily rely on technology, and as you have probably already noticed more than once, there are a lot of things that can go wrong, and they often do at the worst time.

Because tech issues are inevitable, companies hire a managed service provider or MSP to provide a variety of IT-related services to their clients. These services can include things like network and server management, security services, software development, and technical support.

For Cluster Networks, a San Francisco-based MSP, business as usual sparked the idea for the world’s first AI-driven platform for complete tech support automation and monitoring of IT workplace environments and is changing the game when it comes to overseeing and managing IT infrastructure.

Although Cluster Networks’ contributions to the IT space are impressive in their own right, it’s the story behind its inception in 2015 that captured our attention, and it all starts with TJ Karwal, co-founder and CEO of Cluster Networks.

From the get-go, TJ was fascinated by technology and set out to have a career in the technology space. Even though this fascination led him to a degree in electrical and computer engineering, TJ noted that “business had an allure on me.” While still in college, TJ had various sales jobs and founded and built Riza Wheels, his first e-commerce company.

Shortly after graduating, he sold Riza Wheels to further pursue his career in technology, becoming the presales systems engineer at Cisco. The six years TJ spent with the company proved to be a wealth of knowledge and experience, but it wasn’t the end of his career with them. After Cisco. TJ began working with Meraki. a quickly growing IT networking company that was acquired by Cisco shortly after TJ’s departure. This meant TJ would be working for Cisco for another couple of years.

TJ later began launching his own start-up companies, and along with his partner, Gary Wright, he founded Cluster Networks. From the beginning, Cluster Networks was able to cater to their customer’s needs in a fast, effective way. Because they were also designing solutions for business needs, they were able to respond and service their customers faster than other MSPs out there, and that made a huge impact on growth.

When faced with the rapid growth of the company, one thing was certain, TJ and his team did not want to water down their solutions or sacrifice customer satisfaction. Rather than scaling their company with more manpower, TJ and his team started working on software that could help handle a lot of the work that their support engineering team was encountering. With the creation of FRIDAY, they quickly realized that they were doing the work of fifteen support agents with only a handful of agents instead.

Unlike anything else out there, FRIDAY could handle level 1 support tasks without the need for extra manpower, costly operation centers, and complicated monitoring software. Instead, the AI gathers all the information surrounding an incident, identifies the cause, and either resolves it or escalates it to the appropriate team. Even if a support agent needs to get involved, FRIDAY has already done the legwork and pinpointed the issue, making it easier for the agent to fix the problem in a shorter amount of time.

While other managed service providers are focused on just solving the problem at hand, Cluster Networks focuses on solutions before the problem arises.

FRIDAY is just the beginning. While Cluster Networks may have started out as a managed service provider, its contributions to the world of IT and business operations is unmatched. Stay tuned to find out all the exciting things coming up for this team of IT Superheros and Sidekicks. For more information on FRIDAY or Cluster Networks, visit, or connect with TJ on Linkedin.



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