amana’s Trading App Brings Wealth Creation to the Masses

Amir Bakian
3 min readFeb 22, 2024

Imagine a future where access to financial assets and the knowledge to make sound investments is available regardless of location or financial position. This is amana’s vision, and over the last year and a half their trading app has helped over 175,000 customers enjoy what was once the privilege of only the wealthy and highly educated: the ability to make informed trades and investments in financial assets.

As assets become increasingly digital, the average investor and or trader can buy almost anything on a smartphone. This gives them the ability to bypass large financial institutions that often have minimum investment requirements and charge large fees for their services. For generations, these institutions were effectively a barrier that stood between the average person and the financial markets that allowed the wealthy to prosper. With the rise of the digital world, this barrier no longer functions effectively.

Assets in today’s financial world are becoming increasingly fractionalized to increase participation. Put simply, it does not matter how much a share costs; investors can purchase fractions of a share and thereby own stock in companies that they would otherwise be unable to afford. This means that another barrier to investing has been removed, as those with very little disposable income can now enter the market and increase their wealth by trading and investing in fractionalized financial assets.

With these barriers to entry disappearing, amana’s app provides users with unparalleled access to financial markets. “What sets amana apart is our unique capability to connect users to seven MENA equity exchanges, all within a single app and a single account,” amana explains. Along these same lines, users have access to an astounding number of asset classes, stocks, derivatives, ETFs, currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, US shares, gold, oil, indices, and many more.

But amana knows that access to financial assets alone will not amount to wealth creation. Users also need education, information, and transparency in the process of using these tools if they are going to benefit from increased access. Because of this, amana’s app is also an educational resource for traders and investors. The aim of the app is, in their words, “to simplify the process, offer clear, transparent information on our products, and integrate education throughout the user’s journey, all while maintaining an easy-to-use interface.”

amana’s app boasts top-tier educational content provided through their partnership with Real Vision. This content includes, among others, a Real Investing Course “designed to empower our users with knowledge and insights from seasoned experts.”

In the future, their integrated suite aims to include trading, investing, and wealth creation “augmented with AI technology.” The company believes that this comprehensive approach to investing will provide knowledge of traditional financial investment as well as “emerging opportunities in novel asset classes and previously illiquid assets.”

Driven by the belief that investing and trading should be a universal right, amana is committed to revolutionizing trading and investing for the generations to come. They strive to make wealth creation a more inclusive, more equitable enterprise, and their revolutionary app represents a major step toward achieving this goal.



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