A Custom Diet Plan That Works? Meet V Shred — A Fitness Brand Trusted By Millions

Amir Bakian
3 min readOct 31, 2023

The renowned weight loss and fitness company, V Shred, is helping people get the body they want in record time, so let’s unpack exactly how they’re achieving this.

Weight loss is a tricky thing — from the outside looking in, sticking to a new diet seems relatively simple. We’ve most likely been there at some point: scrolling through social media and judging individuals sharing their weight loss journey from our screens. This is easy. But if you’ve ever attempted to lose weight or create a new health regimen, you know how challenging the process is — especially when it comes to figuring out what to eat.

Whether this is your second, third, or even fourth attempt at dropping pounds, or you’re a first-timer, the online fitness company V Shred could be your guiding light (literally and figuratively).

What Is V Shred?

V Shred started as a fitness program back in 2016, Co-founded by Vince Sant, with a mission to make health and fitness more accessible to more people. If you’re active on social media you have most likely heard of them. V Shred has now become the fastest-growing fitness brand online, serving over 5 million customers and counting.

The company’s “Big Why” is paramount to its success: provide people with the proper tools and information to achieve lasting weight loss results and get in shape the right way. Their fitness programs for men and women dispense valuable advice, direction, and guidance making it an ideal alternative to paying for an expensive gym membership. Their at-home workout programs are designed for any age and situation; if you need a more personalized experience, they offer premium 1–1 coaching.

And they also know a lot of people struggle with a weight loss diet. That’s why they offer the Custom Diet Plan. This is where one of the V Shred Certified Trainers maps out exactly what you need to eat every day to achieve your goals.

Will You Achieve Results with V Shred’s Custom Diet Plan?

Millions of people have now purchased V Shred’s fitness programs and many choose the Custom Diet Plan to support their goals. V Shred makes the process simple. You fill out a questionnaire outlining your goals, food preferences, and other details.

A Certified Trainer reviews your answers and creates a completely customized meal plan for you. They include foods you like and account for allergies and diet limitations.

Everything is customized for you — it’s not a cookie cutter or generic meal plan.

It includes a custom meal plan, check-ins from your coach to stay on track, the ability to contact your coach anytime via email, Facebook group support, and supplement guide and tips. All you have to do is follow the personalized diet plan for 30 days, and continue working with your coach after that if you want to continue getting results.

Thousands of people call out the benefits of the custom diet plan in their V Shred reviews.

How Much Does the V Shred Custom Diet Plan Cost?

Like most programs, V Shred’s meal planning service requires a paid subscription billed monthly but can be canceled at any time. V Shred offers two options, a Monthly Custom Diet Plan and a Monthly Custom Diet and Training Plan. The first comes to $47 a month and the second costs $97 a month, according to the company’s website. Both plans are currently on sale.

If you’re looking for a proven weight loss and fitness company to help with your journey to healthier living, V Shred’s programs and custom diet plan may be a great option for you.



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